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With Taxgoal You can file your income tax return in simple steps.

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Step 1

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Our experts will collect and verify the necessary documents and file the required forms.

Step 2

Final update

You can start using the TM symbol as soon as the applications is submitted and you will receive updates until registration is complete.

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Purchase this plan to apply, rectify or reprint your PAN no. and get it delivered at your doorsteps without taking any pains.

What is PAN? Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a code issued by the Department of Income Tax. This number enables the department to monitor the financial transactions of the holder. It also helps the Income Tax department to keep track of the tax paid or evaded by an individual.

Services Covered

  • Filing of PAN application form along with necessary documents
  • Follow up till PAN no is delivered at your door steps
  • Filing for Amendment to pan in case incorrect details are mentioned on it
  • Reprint PAN if earlier pan has been lost or broke down

For Whom this plan is?

  • Any individual or establishment wanting to file Income Tax Return
  • New incorporated entity such as Company, LLP etc
  • Anyone who wants to obtain GST registration
  • Anyone who wants TDS is not deducted at higher rates i.e. 20% on their income
  • Any other person wherever it is necessary

Documents Required

  • Identity Proof such as AADHAAR CARD, Voter Id Card, Driving License etc
  • Address Proof such as Driving License, Electricity Bill, Passport, Voter id etc
  • Birth Proof such as Driving license, Passport, Birth certificate issued by Municipal Corporation etc
  • A declaration signed by the karta of the HUF stating the name, father’s name and address of all the HUF members (In case of HUF)
  • Copy of Registration Certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies/Partnership Deed (In case of Company/LLP/Trust)

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Question

The benefits of obtaining a PAN card are: 1. Enables you to file your income tax returns 2. TDS is deducted at lower rates for a person obtaining PAN instead of 20% 3. Ease of doing banking as most bank now mandates quoting of PAN card is mandatory 4. Ease of Purchasing property as PAN no is mentioned in the deed and TDS is deducted at lower rates i.e 1%. 5. Mandatory to obtain GST registration.

One should apply for a duplicate PAN card when a Permanent Account Number (PAN) has already been allotted to the applicant but he/she requires a new duplicate PAN Card due to the following reason: 1. Lost the PAN Card 2. Damaged the PAN Card 3. Wants to change from old to new tamper proof PAN card

Section 160 of IT Act, 1961 provides that a non-resident, minor, lunatic, idiot, and court of wards and such other persons may be represented through a Representative Assessee. In such cases, application for PAN will be made by the Representative Assessee.

New PAN card takes approx 15 to 20 working days. Correction or Replacement card takes anything from 30 to 40 working days; however this may vary depending on the authorities discretion.

The PAN card processing authorities to whom the application is submitted will ensure delivery of new PAN card at the address indicated by you in the application Form

Obtaining or possessing more than one (Permanent Account Number) PAN is against the law.

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