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AOA / MOA Amendment Services in Delhi

MOA – Memorandum of Association and AOA – Articles of Association are the constitutional and foundation documents of a company which defines its scope , objectives and powers internally held. With adapting to business needs and changed objectives , a company is required to get its MOA / AOA Altered with following a compreshensive procedure of fillings and reportings with MCA and Registrar of Companies.

For a company AOA / MOA amedment becomes necessary when there is an alteration in name of company , liability holdings between members , change in authorized capital , change of registered office address of company or change in objects clause of the company as per Companies Act , 2013.

We at, providing entire compliance support for AOA / MOA Amendement services in Delhi are considered as the top MOA amendement consultants in Delhi. Assisting in all compliance regulations to handling all critical documentation & fillings for MOA Alteration of a company , we help our associates to incline all compliances with ROC (Registrar of Companies ) and MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs ) for easy alteration of their corporate documents.

Services Covered

  • AOA / MOA Amendment
  • Filing of Board Resolutions (MCA Compliances )
  • Handling ROC Compliances
  • Company Name Application and Approval
  • Amendments in MOA and AOA
  • Application of New Incorporation Certificate
  • Amendment for Name in Legal Documents and Registrations

For Whom The Plan is

Documents Required

  • Copy of Boards Resolution
  • Notice of EGM
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association
  • Copy of Article of Association
  • Digital Signature of Auth. Director
  • Copy of Proof of Business Incorporation and Registered Address

Free Quently Asked Questions

The Compliance of MOA Amendement with ROC and MCA Filings take upto 10 to 15 days. While alteration period can be more longer based on the passing of resolution .

No, without approval of Directors and Shareholders no amendement can be done in MOA .

The application for Amendement of MOA to ROC can be submitted within 30 days of passing of resolution in the board meeting.

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