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Company Audit Services in Delhi

Entities incl. Pvt LTD Companies registered under the Companies Act , 2013 are required to appoint a Company internal auditor to perform number of company audit compliances mandated by the Ministry of Coporate Affairs (MCA). Auditors in a company assures financial compliance and transparency in operations towards it investors. For Companies, audit is a mandatory compliance to ensure that its financial records ,risk management policies and governance goes well., being one of the best company audit service firm in Delhi , gives you assurance of the recognised Professional Chartered Accountants and Company Audit experts to handle all your business audit worries through a comprehensive company audit service package. We believe in keeping your company audit compliance worries aligned with your operations and help taking your venture to growth.
Company Audit Professionals there at offers a wide range of services which adheres your business to all regulatory standards and practises provided by MCA. Ranging from conduct of internal audit to preparation of audit reports to submission of reports to MCA , Registrar of Companies and to the authorities we offer you entire audit compliance service package inhouse.


Company Audit is a mandatory compliance for a company registered under Companies Act , 2013. For a Pvt ltd company appointment of auditor is a necessary to assure proper preparation of books of accounts & verification of financial statements at intervals, maintain transparency of the company credits, deposits / loans and advances , keep a check over transfer of rights and internal decision making in view of rights of the investors.
Apart from the Company internal management , the auditor appointed by the company is also required to assure due dilligence of the company towards MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs ) and Registrar of Companies (ROC) which include submission of Audit report as per Company Act requirements and fulfilment of statutory audit , cost audit and internal audit ROC Form compliances.

Services Covered

  • Conduct of Statutory Audit as per applicable legislations on company including Companies Act , 2013 , Income tax act , GST , FEMA , Labour Laws etc.
  • Filing of Company ITR (Income Tax Return )
  • Director KYC
  • Submission of Reports to MCA and Registrar
  • Maintain Books of Accounts (Max. Entries 300 )
  • Preparation of Internal Control and Risk Management Reports
    Preparation of Audit Reports for Tax , Liabilities and Asset Management.

For Whom the Plan Is

  • Private Limited Companies
  • Public Limited Companies
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Section 8 Company
  • Nidhi Company

Documents Required

  • Company Financial Statement (Profit & Loss Account , Balance Sheet )
  • Bank Statement for all company bank accounts.
  • Company GST Records
  • Company Agreements and Legal Documents
  • Bills , Invoices and Other Receipts
    Copy of Reports and Filings of Company

Free Quently Asked Questions

As per Companies Act , 2013 audit rules , a ICAI recognised and praticing Chartered Accountant can become a statutory auditor of a company to conduct company audit . Also , a registered firm of Chartered Accountants can also do the Statutory audit compliance of the company

The Company should file Form ADT-1 for appointment of Auditor to the ROC and for resignation of Auditor before the ending of the term Form ADT-3 is to be submitted.

As per Section 146, Companies Act , 2013 all notices and communications related to AGM (Annual General Meeting ) or General Meetings of the Company is to be share with the Auditor for certification.

As per Section 147(2), Companies Act , 2013 for no appointment of auditor or neglect to any provisions of audit compliances of company with respect to company audits by the company , every officer shall be charged to a fine of Rs 25000 which can extend for upto Rs 5 lakh .

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