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GST Annual Return and Audit Services

It is mandatory for businesses under the GST Act , 2017 holding a GST Registration in Delhi to get their GST filings and books of accounts audited by a registered Cost Accountant or a Chartered Accountant every year. GST Audit is a measure adopted by the CBIC ( Central Board of Indirect Taxes ) to keep a watch over business entities and to assure that they comply to all norms of GST filings and associated compliances.

While GST Audit is a mandatory concern for all businesses ,we at being one of the top GST Audit consultants in Delhi offer you a complete package to take up your GST Audit compliance worries. Right from handling GST accounting, to return filing to audit report preparation and filing we take care of the entire GST work for your business.

For GST Audit Services in Delhi , guides you through the entire examination and filing process of your Audit returns with GST department with handling reports of sales , tax payments , ledger balance reconcilliation ,tax refund receipts , claim of input tax credit and reverse charge mechanism (RCM).


GST is mandatory for all entities whose annual turnover from business is more than Rs 2 crore as per Section 35 of the GST Act , 2017. GST Audit include reconciliation of GST returns , reports and ledgers of the taxpayer conducted by a Cost Accoutant or a Practising Chartered Accountant (CA).

The taxpayer under the GST Audit Compliances is required to submit a GST Audit report after submission of GST Annual Return ( GSTR 9 Form ) along with the reconcilliation statements preparred by the GST Auditor. GST Audit includes examination of the outward /Inward Supplies , inventory , ledger payments , GST ledger balances, ITC claimed and utilized , GST net payable and receivable , e-way bills generated and the reconcilliation with books of accounts. For non-compliance of GST Audit compliances, a penalty of not less than Rs 200/- per day basis will levy on the taxpayer by the GST Department.

At , we back up our clients with a team of GST Audit consultants in Delhi to handle their GST audit requirements before time .

Services Covered

  • GST Audit Report Preparation & Certification
  • GST Annual Return Filings
  • GST Accounting
  • GST Audit Filing
  • GSTR 9 Filing
  • GSTR – 9A Filing
  • GSTR – 9B Filling
  • TR – 9C Filing

For Whom the Plan is

  • Sole Properietor / Individual Business Owners
  • Private Ltd Company / LLP
  • Partnership Firm
  • Commerce Sellers

Documents Required

  • Valid mobile no and email of the Applicant
  • Valid PAN & AADHAAR CARD of the applicant
  • Bank statement of all accounts of business
  • Copy of Books of Accounts (Bills / Invoices)
  • Copy of E-Way Bills received and generated.

The due date for filling of GST Audit Return Form 9C is 31st December of the relevant assessment year . For FY 2022-23, the due date for GSTR 9C is 31st December , 2023.

As per the GST Act , 2017 only a Cost Accountant or a Chartered Accountant recognized by ICAI can certify the GST Audit report of the business.

For filling of GST Audit return Form 9C , GST Audit reconcilliation statement by the Auditor and Copy of GST Annual return is to be filed .

No , there is no option yet provided by the GST Department for revision of GST Audit Return Form 9C.

No , only a Cost Accountant or Chartered Accountant is certified to do GST Audit reporting of a firm.

For non-filing of GST Audit report , a penalty shall be charged on the taxpayer for Rs 200/- day basis till the default continuous . While in other cases of default in GST Audit compliances, a GST officer can provide the consequences on the taxpayer.

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