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GST (Goods and Service Tax ) was introduced to make the entire indirect tax compliance system for business entities smoother. Within GST , taxpayer can online file GST returns , adjust or pay taxes through tax ledgers or can claim for GST refunds from the government through a single common portal. As a taxpayer , you can claim your GST refunds from the government for the excess tax paid compared with input taxes. The common reasons for which you can apply for GST refunds claims due from the government include – excess tax paid for goods for exports, zero rated supplies , applicable inverted duty structure, supply to Special economc zones (SEZs) or accumulated excess credits in the ledger than actual tax liability.

Receiving GST refunds from government could be a time-consuming and tiring process . We at backed by team of professional GST consultants in delhi – offer you the most hassle free GST refund services in Delhi . We help you navigate through all your GST Refund due claims and ease your way to get your GST Refunds at the earliest.

Services Covered

  • Filing GST Refund Applications
  • GST Return Filing and Ledger Reconcilliations
  • Handling Rejected Refund Claims
  • Handling GST Refund Notices
  • Preparation of Refund Reports and Documents.
  • Certification of GST Refund Report and Application
  • Department Representations

For Whom the Plan is

Documents Required

  • Valid mobile no and email of the Applicant
  • Valid PAN & AADHAAR CARD of the applicant
  • GST Registration Access

Frequently Asked Questions

A taxpayer with provision of excess tax paid , supplies related to exports ,SEZs, nill rated or accumulated balances in GST ledgers can claim for GST Refund services in Delhi.

The application for GST Refund can be claimed before the expiry of term of 2 years from ‘’ relevant date ‘’ as explained under Section 54 of the GST act .

In case of no application fsubmission for claim of GST Refund , failure in submission of any GST Return or in failure of payment of any GST dues with the system the GST Authorities can withheld the GST refund claims .

For innacurate GST Refund claims , the GST officer can ask for reports and additional information or provide an intimation for rejection of GST refund claim. Representation before the GST officer or filling an appeal to the GST authorities for reconsideration of GST refund claims becomes nececssary.

For application of certain GST refund claims , it is necessary to get the application or refund reports certified through a inpractise Chartered Accountant .

The maximum period provided by the GST authorities for receipt of GST refund claims is within 60 days of filing GST refund application .

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