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Income Tax on Salary

ITR Form 1 is filed for Resident Individuals having income from salary, one house property and other sources like interest, dividend etc upto 50 lakhs. Any Individual whose income exceeds Rs 2,50,000 (F.Y. 2017-18) is required to file an Income Tax Return. Taxgoal allots a personal CA which guides you through the whole filing process of income tax on salary and help you maximize your tax savings. You just need to upload your form 16 and get your Income Tax Return Filing Online  in just 5 minutes.

Services Covered

  • Includes return for income from Salary, House Property and Other sources.
  • Income from Capital Gains such as sale of property, shares etc is not included in this package
  • Assistance on income tax queries like issues relating to deduction, tax saving etc
  • Review of Computation of tax and file return once approved by you
  • Filing of Income Tax return
  • Assist in payment of challan for discharging tax liability

For Whom this plan is?

  • Individual having income from Salary, House Property and Other Sources
  • Individuals having income more than basic tax exemption limit of Rs 2.50 lacs

Documents Required

  • Form 16 (one or multiple)
  • Details such as PAN card no, AADHAAR CARD
  • Bank details such as account no, IFSC code
  • Bank account statement
  • Proofs of Investments such as LIC premium paid, fees of children etc
  • Details of any Advance Tax deposited
  • Any other detail as required

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Question

Form 26AS is a statement that shows the details of tax credit in a tax-payer’s account as per the IT Department’s records. The tax credit will include all the different taxes like TDS, Self-Assessment tax, Advance tax etc

Some of the types of deductions are: 1. 80C : Deduction Lic premium paid, tution fee of children, PPF etc. Maximum deduction allowed is Rs 150000. 2. 80TTA: Deduction form income of saving bank interest upto Rs 10000 3 80D : Deduction for medicliam premium paid (through banking modes) upto Rs 25000 for person below 60 years of age and Rs 50000 for person above 60 years of age (Max deduction under this section is RS 100000) 4. 80E: Deduction for interest on loan taken for pursuing higher education of self or family members or a relative. 5. 80G: Deduction for eligible Donations upto either 100% or 50% like donation in Prime Minister Nation Relief fund etc.

It is possible to file a revised return if the original return has been filed before the due date and the Department has not completed the assessment. However, a revision is not possible for a return filed after the due date.

Some of the income classified under other sources are: 1. Any contribution to a fund for welfare of employees received by the employer. 2. Income received by way of interest on securities. 3. Income from letting out or hiring of plant, machinery or furniture. 4. Money received under a Keyman Insurance Policy including bonus. 5. Commission or brokerage 6. Tution fee 7. Dividend Incomme 8. Winnings from lotteries, crossword puzzles, races including horse races, card game and other game of any sort, gambling or betting of any form is classified as income from other sources. 9. Gifts received by an individual or HUF (which are chargeable to tax) are also taxed under this head.

The due date for filing your Income Tax Return for the financial year 2017-2018 is 31st July, 2018. However belated return for F.Y. 2017-2018 can be filed upto 31st March 2019.

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