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Company Name Change Services in Delhi

Company name is a vital mark of its identity . Recognized through its name – a company get into legal contracts , handle its operations and establishes its unique brand presence in the market . However , in some cases changing the name of the company becomes essential when it becomes need of internal management for its smooth operations or to grab a big opportunity for the business.

Registering a new company name whether it is for Private ltd Company , Public Limited Company , One Person Company (OPC) , Limited Liability Partnership , Section 8 or NIDHI Company , it requires approval of multiple authorities including Registrar of firms (ROC) , Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA ) and the holding management of the company. Also , it requires filing of several compliances and forms which makes it a more tiring process.

Covering all aspects and compliances linked with Company name change services in Delhi , at we being among the top company name change consultants in Delhi provides a decent compliance flow to our corporate clients to make their company name change procedure more simplified . Right from draft of resolution of name change till getting the company altered on the records , corporate professionals working with us helps you in the entire process of corporate name transformation.

Services Covered

  • Filing of Board Resolutions (MCA Compliances )
  • Handling ROC Compliances
  • Company Name Application and Approval
  • Amendements in MOA and AOA
  • Application of New Incorporation Certificate
  • Amendment for Name in Legal Documents and Registrations
  • Private /Public Ltd Name Change
  • Section 8 / OPC / Nidhi Company Name Change
  • LLP Name Change

For Whom the Plan is

Documents Required

  • Copy of Boards Resolution
  • Notice of EGM
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association
  • Copy of Article of Association
  • Digital Signature of Auth. Director
  • Copy of Proof of Business Incorporation and Registered Address.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, change in company name would not change is entity type . But additional changes like changes in objects or specific clauses in MOA or AOA can be done during name change process .

For filling of name change form with Registrar of Companies (ROC) and MCA , approval of directors and shareholders is required by passing a resolution and intimating the name change resolution to them.

The New Company Incorporation form can be generated after receipt of approval of Form INC-24 from MCA and ROC.

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