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Winding up and Company Strike Off Services in Delhi

Winding Up of a company could be its voluntary decision or it can be due to an issue of order by the ROC( Registrar of Company ) or Ministry of Corporate affairs for non-adherence of Company regulations . Striking off name of the company can happen due to non-compliance of fillings or non-performance of operations by Registrar of Companies (ROC). In any case ,for dissolution of the company it becomes essential for the management to wind up the company after fulfilling the rights of its promoters , directors and paying off its liabilities realising its assets.

For a company facing strike off from the ROC, it becomes necessary to seek restoration of existence with filing of proper documents and compliances. Being the top company compliance consultants in Delhi – we at , provide Winding up company services in Delhi and compliance assistance for Strike off Company services in Delhi ensure that our corporate associates get the most hassle free assistance on filling compliances with ROC and MCA for Company Winding up or restoration of strike off company.

Services Covered

  • ROC Compliances
  • MCA Filings
  • Legal Documentation
  • Financial reports preparation
  • Asset Distribution
  • Director KYC Compliances

For Whom The Plan is

Documents Required

  • Copy of Boards Resolution
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association
  • Copy of Article of Association
  • Digital Signature of Auth. Director/’s
  • Copy of Proof of Business Incorporation and Registered Address.
  • Copy of strike-off Notice from ROC

Free Quently Asked Questions

Strike off of the company can be done by ROC , seeking the company as a defunct company. While company management can also get the company name Strike off the records of ROC Voluntarily.

For restoration of company , removed by ROC can be done before 20 years of its striking off notification .

Once the company name is Struck off the ROC records ,it looses the right to trade its assets, make payments or from getting into new business contracts. Also , the company name shall be made available for new companies to use.

For non-compliance of wind up procedures of Company as per Companies Act , 2013 or for non-obidience of tribunal or court orders , severe financial or legal penaltities be imposed against directors or associated members of the company which can even lead to their imprisonment depending on the severity of the orders issued. .

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