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What Kind of Forms are covered under ROC filing?Some of the forms are:

  • MGT-7 (Annual Return Filing)
  • AOC-4 (Balance sheet filing)
  • ADT-1 (Auditor Appointment)
  • DIR-12 (Director Appointment)
  • MGT-14 (Special purpose resolution)
  • SH-7 ( Notice to Registrar of any alteration of share capital)
  • MGT-15 (Form for filing Report on Annual General Meeting) etc

Services Covered

  • TDS Filing of ROC  Form (Only 1 Form i.e. MGT -7 or AOC-4 or DIR -12 etc)
  • Price charged for this service is over and above government fees (i.e. flat fees Rs 2000 per form)

For Whom this plan is?

  • Companies looking to file their annual returns
  • Companies looking to alter their share capital, appoint new directors
  • Appointment for directors
  • For any other case as and when applicable

Documents Required

  • The type of documents required depend upon type of forms to be filed
  • Our experts will assist you on which documents are required

Frequently asked questions

As a part of Annual Filing, Companies incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 or Companies Act 2013, are required to file the following eForms with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). Form no (MGT -7)

LLP Form 11 is Annual Return of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). The return must be e-filed each year with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to maintain compliance and avoid penalty. LLP annual return must be filed electronically and taken on record. It is important to ensure that all the information filed in the Form is correct as there is no provision for resubmission of LLP Form 11 Annual Return.

Form SH-7 shall be filed for increasing authorized share capital along with required documents and prescribed government fee for increasing capital must be paid.

Form DIR-12 needs to filed in case of Resignation/appointment or in case of change in designation of director along with stipulated government fees and documents.

Form ADT-1 needs to be filed with Registrar of Companies for appointment of auditors in case of companies along with stipulated government fees and documents.

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