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Buy this plan to get TDS return (26Q) filed return for TDS deducted on all payments except salaries paid.

TDS deducted on what type of Payments?Some of the types of payments are:

  • Interest on securities
  • Contractors payments
  • Brokerage or Commission
  • Rent
  • Royalty, Director Remuneration, Professional or technical service fees, Non-compete fees

Services Covered

  • Filing of TDS return for salaries (For 24Q)
  • Generation of Form 16
  • Calculation of TDS is not part of this plan.

For Whom this plan is?

  • Company
  • Partnership Firms Registration/LLP
  • Any other person such as individual liable for audit u/s 44AB etc making payments like commssion, interes paid, rent paid, payment to contractors etc and required to deduct TDS.

Documents Required

  • Pan Number
  • Tax payment challans (Self assessment tax, advance tax) if you have deposited the same
  • TDS certificates (if TDS has been deducted by other)
  • All Bank account information
  • Any other detail as required

Frequently asked questions

1. April to June - 31st July 2. July to September - 31st October 3. October to December - 31st January 2017 4. January to March - 31st May 20

The Deductor will be liable, and interest will also be levied on the due amount as per the Income Tax Act, 1961. The responsibility for a tax deduction and payment lies with the deductor only.

TDS certificate is issued by deductor to deductee. They are of two types: Form 16: Issued by employer for TDS deducted on salaries Form 16A: Issued in all other cases.

Form 26AS is a statement that shows the details of tax credit in a tax-payer’s account as per the IT Department’s records. The tax credit will include all the different taxes like TDS, Self-Assessment tax, Advance tax etc

1. If TDS has not been deducted Interest @1% for every month or part of month from the date on which it was deductible to the date on which it was actually deducted. 2. If TDS was deducted but not deposited timel Interest @1.5% for every month or part of month from the date on which it was deducted to the date on which such tax was remitted to the government for payment.

Following are the basic duties of the person who is liable to deduct tax at source: • Obtain Tax Deduction Account Number and quote the same in all the documents pertaining to TDS. • Deduct the tax at source at the applicable rate. • Pay the tax deducted by him at source to the credit of the Government (by the due date specified in this regard*). • File the periodic TDS statements, i.e., TDS return (by the due date specified in this regard*). • Issue the TDS certificate to the payee in respect of tax deducted by him (by the due date specified in this regard*). *Refer tax calendar for the due dates.

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