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This plan is for persons registered under regular GST scheme having turnover more than 1.50 crores and who are required to monthly file GSTR – 1 & GSTR 3B

Choose this plan to get your GSTR – 3B & GSTR – 1 filed for a particular month.

Services Covered

  • 1 month filing of GSTR-3B (i.e. for any one month like April or June or Dec) for one GSTN no.
  • 1 month filing of GSTR-1 (i.e. for any one month for which GSTR – 3B is filied under this plan) for one GSTN no.
  • This plan doesn’t include book keeping or accounting.

For Whom this plan is?

Person having Turnover more than 1.5 crores like:

  • Manufacturers, wholesalers, traders etc
  • Service providers, retailers etc
  • Not applicable for Composition Scheme Dealers

Documents Required

  • Purchase/Sale Registers
  • Tax registers such Input Tax register, GST Payable Register
  • Tax Challan showing GST Registration Liabilty discharged

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Question

The GSTR-1 contains the details of all your outward supplies or sales. It needs to be filed before the 10th of the following month, and it includes: - Basic information of the taxpayer (name, GSTIN, etc.) -Period for which the return is being filed. -The taxpayer’s gross turnover for the previous financial year. - For B2B supplies: submit invoice-wise details for all transactions. - For B2C supplies: -If invoice amount is greater than Rs. 2,50,000, submit invoice-wise details for all transactions. -If invoice amount is between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 2,50,000, submit the addresses of your buyers along with a -summary of your interstate transactions by state. -If invoice amount is less than Rs. 50,000, buyer addresses are needed only for interstate transactions. -Consolidated supply details on all intrastate B2C supplies with or without invoice details (submission of invoice details is optional). -Details of Credit/Debit issued, Export Invoices, Advances received and HSN wise Summary of supply of Goods & Services.

1. GSTR-1 & GSTR 2: monthly return for outward supplies & Inward supplies respectively. 2. GSTR-3: monthly return containing details from other monthly returns filed by the taxpayer (GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-6, GSTR-7) 3. GSTR-4: quarterly return for Composite Dealers 4. GSTR-5: variable return to be filed by Non-Resident Taxpayers 5. GSTR-6: monthly return to be filed by input service distributors 6. GSTR-7: monthly return to be filed for Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) transactions 7. GSTR-8: monthly return to be filed by e-commerce operators 8. GSTR-9: annual return 9. GSTR-10: final return to be filed when terminating business activities permanently 10. GSTR-11: to be filed by taxpayers with a Unique Identity Number (UIN)

A return is a statement of financial activity by a taxable person for a prescribed period. This allows a taxable person to self-assess the tax they owe for that period. The registered person has to be provide some of the details in GSTR Return during the year like: - Details of sales, purchases. - Details of inward/outward services. - Detail of each invoice issued or received. - Details of Debit/credit notes etc.

Yes, If you have missed on your input tax Credit then you are entitled to claim the same within one year from the Date of Invoice.

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