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“Become Our Partner” is an online initiative by the Taxgoal Team to unite professionals like chartered accountants, lawyers, Tax & Finance Experts etc and work together as one team. We provide a platform where like minded people can join our team and provide services to the clients remotely from their respective locations i.e. A Virtual Office.

Professionals who will “Partner with us” will be allocated services as per their professional experience and interest, who will then have to perform those services and which will be in turn reviewed by the Taxgoal Team.

It is an opportunity for young professionals to give an amazing start to their professional career, choosing to work on their area of interest such as Income Tax, Accounting, Goods & Services Tax etc and flourish professionally. This is the perfect place for people who are willing to expand their operations throughout the India at negligible cost. This is an opportunity to both “learn” and “earn”.

An amazing platform to work collectively as one unit and contribute to the “Growth of the Country and its people” and thereby assisting Taxgoal to accomplish its mission i.e. to “Simplify Taxation In India”.

If you are interested to “Become Our Partner”, you can subscribe to this page.

    Join Hands With Us

    Who can "Partner With Us"

    • Chartered Accountants
    • Company Secretaries
    • Lawyers
    • Finance Executives
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Finance
    • Tax Consultants
    • Cost Accountants

    Why Choose Us?"

    • Opportunity to “Grow” & “Earn”
    • Work from Home i.e. from your location
    • No Time Constraint i.e. Work as per your convenience
    • Do what you like i.e. Get work as per your interest
    • Connect with other professionals i.e. Expand your network
    • Cater a larger geographical area i.e. Your reach is expanded
    • Get national level recognition
    • Get awarded for your hard work & much more
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